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Re: I don't know what's wrong - March 12th 2012, 05:27 AM

I do all that already (besides talk to people) and it helps a little but im never full happy. I'm starting to talk to people but sometimes its just hard. i feel like no one can help me like even my best friends cant see past the fake smiles that im just lost in the world and have no direction whatsoever like i just cant be happy. i dont tell anyone things like that cus its annoying when everyday people ask r u ok? yet i wish someone would say that cus honestly, i could really use someone to talk to but i have no one. i try but i just never can seem to talk to anyone. I can only talk to two of my guy friends, cus one of them is the exact same way and the other.............well idk he just makes me happy when i talk to him, just gets me away from all the sadness, the pain the SH, but without them, I'm just lost, and it's not like I can talk to them every second of the day. I've only told the one who is going throught the same thing whats going on but that's it. i just dont know what to do anymore.

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