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Re: The Euthyphro Dilemma- a question for theists - March 15th 2012, 10:58 PM

I'll try,

Something is morally good because it reflects god's nature because his nature is good since he's perfect and doing a bad thing is not perfect which means everything he does is good. But not to our standards of morality, rather, his own because he is what good is. So rather than "God is good" it is "good is God" if that makes sense.

I've always disliked that though because that makes things subjectively objective if that makes any sense because it's based on the nature of the deity rather than an unmoving moral standard everyone should uphold by. Yet, I do think that an objective morality ruins the principles of morality because it should be based on the intentions of the person. So if someone does a good action for the sake of doing good rather than following an order one would be more moral than the other in deontological terms. One has the freedom to do the other whereas the latter just following an order blindly. The consequences may be the same but the rational thought behind the action isn't, which, for me, makes the former more moral than the latter.

Edit: With saying all of that, I do think there is a general moral standard we can hold people to in society. As there's something about our intuition that makes it so. It might be evolutionary (but it's given us a lot of space to breathe) it might not be but oh well. Essentially, morals are subjective but i'm starting to lean more towards Nietzsche's views on master and slave morality but only in the sense that those who are more powerful generally dictate what's right and wrong. Essentially. So your parents might tell you what is bad and good at a young age or maybe even your teachers but you eventually become enlightened (using your own understanding) and rationalise the decisions for yourself. I've always found it quite astonishing when people just have an unqualified obedience to authority though. It's rather astonishing; especially with the issue of gay marriage. Usually their answer is faaaaaaaaaaar from rational and just base it on the Bible or Quran. It can be difficult to justify answers but come on ... give it a decent shot.

Sorry for going off on that tangent. I'm still thinking through my thoughts on morality.

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