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"feel the inukness" and "to that place". - March 17th 2012, 12:46 AM

Hey people, I didn't know where to put these videos, but "videos" seemed like a good guess!

Anyways, these are made by a budding filmmaker, or at least that's what someone in our news paper thinks... I'm sharing it because I love the two videos, and they're just really cool. (Can I also say that I know Becky Qilavvaq who is the filmmaker, and she is a really good role model... Being half Inuk it is a cool thing to have people you can look up to who are Inuk themselves.)

Anyways, the first video I actually have a link to (thanks to the newspaper, I would have both, but we don't have fast internet... until tomorrow...)

Anyways, it's called "Feel the Inukness", and is basically about this guy (Anguti Johnston, who is an actor and I'm pretty sure he has a tv show, but I have yet to actually see it on tv because I don't know the tv station, and it's a really cool tv show too) dancing around to his ipod, which goes from hip-hop, to something electronic, to a scottish jig, and it's suppose to symbolize accepting yourself and your culture.

Anyways the link to it is www. yout ube.c om/watc h?v= iawD XQGQ sr0
(take out the spaces)

And the other video is a little bit more serious, and about how as we move farther from our culture, more youths get thoughts of suicide. Without a cultural back-ground to fall into, we're nothing. We lose the things that make us unique and special, and I'm sad to say that's me too.- it's called "to that place", and I love it. I can totally relate. He walks slowly through the town looking so down, and then when he reaches a place where he feels the connection to the land, he breaks into this beautiful smile... It's just really good.

-I'm sorry that this is really long, but that's just how I am. I'll talk to much expecially if I like something! but I'm also really happy because these videos are in my home town, these videos are in places I know, these videos go over things I know... maybe that's it?

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