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Re: Would this major/minor get me anywhere? - March 17th 2012, 08:16 PM

If you like psychology in general but not clinical psychology, there are other areas of study. I'm finishing my double-major biology and psychology with a minor I don't quite care for but it's done now, although I doubt I'll ever use it. My main focus though is in neuroscience, rehab sciences and physiology, both of which use some psychology. There is an extremely large research area for neuroscience as well as for clinical neuroscience. It doesn't rely on your basic psychology, no Freud, social psych or any of that, it's mostly from a biological perspective and the behaviour assessed can be categorized either in the good ol' DSM or as specific brain-trauma syndromes not in the DSM.

I cant say much about the field for psychotherapy. It's not something I know much about, it's not something I took a single psychology course in, other than basic first-year that never went into any detail and specialized forensic psych.

Neuroscience is a very new area of research and practice since not much was known for a very long time, unlike other bodily organs. Right now I'm doing 2 biomedical research courses, one of which is focusing more in neurophysiology and electrophysiology research (i.e. using the actual lab equipment on specimens, writing papers from interpreting fMRIs/MRIs, etc...).

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