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Re: Clean install problem - March 20th 2012, 12:31 PM

Originally Posted by JKmadu619 View Post
Well, just to put it out there, a hard drive worth anything (at least 250 Gigabytes) could be worth as much as $300 for your PC. It's already two years old (with four years making it obsoelete) and considering the average price of a laptop now, you may very well be better off buying a new computer.
A 250GB hard drive for $300 USDs? Are you sure that you aren't talking about solid state drives (while they're on sale)? HDDs nowadays are cheap, man; they're being replaced by hybrids and SSDs.

Now, if she were to take it to an overpriced computer-repair service like BestBuy's GeekSquad, then you would be right; it would cost about that much. But that would be because Geeksquad is basically scamming her with ~$70 for diagnosis alone (no repair), ~$120 or more for hard drive replacement, ~$100 for backup/restoring files, ~$130 for OS replacement.

In the USA, I'm pretty sure that we can find some computer shop that would charge less than $175 USDs for the entire service (labor cost would be about $80 USDs, give or take about $20, then the rest is depending on what HDD she gets).

But then again, she lives in North East England (according to her profile); so I've no idea.