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Re: Small penis worry - March 20th 2012, 08:04 PM

Originally Posted by Dr.Bobby View Post
Second, science has clearly demonstrated that it only takes four inches of erect penis to physically satisfy a woman. The studies that demonstrated this were really well done scientifically, and have been replicated (indicating their validity)..and really interesting, too. Anything more than 4 inches is not at all required for anything, it's like the bit of parsley flakes they scatter on the plate at those overly self conscious restaurants...
I'm not entirely convinced that "only four inches of erect penis is needed to physically satisfy a woman" is the same as "size above four inches doesn't matter", though. First, even if no more length is needed, there's still the issue of girth. Second, even if it might be enough to physically satisfy a woman, there's a huge psychological element to sex. The visual impact of a large penis is bigger than that of a smaller one.

But anyway, my opinion: first, people above are right to point out that there are things that matter more than penis size when choosing a partner. There are also things that matter in the bedroom other than penis size: attitude, creativity, oral sex skills, etc.

And second, a point that other people don't seem to have raised: vaginas vary in size too, and the size of a girl's vagina will determine (at least partially) her preferred penis size. Too small won't feel good enough, but too big will be painful. Speaking from personal experience, I've met girls that were too loose for me, girls that were too tight, and girls that were just perfect. While it might well be accurate to say that girls ideally want the largest penis size that isn't painful, that size varies pretty dramatically between girls. And while you're below average, you're within the normal range, and so there will be plenty of women out there that'll fit you like a glove. In fact, while there will be some positions and activities that you won't be able to do, anal and facefucking will probably work better for you than for a larger guy.

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