Thread: Triggering (Suicide): Do I deserve this?
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Re: Do I deserve this? - March 23rd 2012, 10:32 PM

Hi Olivia, it is terrible when one thinks is worthless and that there is no point in living, I know what's that about... But if those people around u love u so much, it's because u have a lot of qualities to be loved for and ur the only one not seeing them... If they don't want u to die it's because they need u, they feel they couldn't go on without u, and in that sense, u don't seem to be that useless, do u?

It takes a very work to stop hating urself and start seeing things differently, but it is not impossible, and it's not ur fault to be in this situation, but it is in ur hands to fight against it and overcome it. And if u've been strong enough to talk about it with us, u are also strong enough to try and try and try to recover from this. Anyway, if ur at a point when there's nothing to lose, it's worth trying whatever it takes to get out from this hole...

I send u a big hug, and encourage u to talk to us if u need it, walk with ur head high and look for a solution, we know u can and we support u, okay?