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Worth it? - March 26th 2012, 04:01 PM

I am currently a second year undergraduate student at a Canadian university. I will be going on an exchange to England for the full 2012-2013 academic year - and I'm excited.

I'm probably going to graduate with an Honours Specialization degree in Criminology, with a Minor in Psychology.

My question is this:

Which route should I take?

1) Focus on completing my program requirements (which means I will be taking all Criminology courses) while on exchange in England so that I can graduate on time.

2) Take unique and interesting courses that I would not take back in Canada - like European History or Art History or other similar classes. One of the Art History classes offered has a mandatory 2-week trip to Florence - wow. If I take this route, I will have to take an extra year before graduating.

*Note: I plan to go to a top Law School following the completion of my undergraduate degree.

Any thoughts?