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Can someone please help me choose a short story? - April 8th 2012, 10:21 PM

This thread has been labeled as containing spoilers. The contents of this thread might therefore describe important elements of a storyline that could ruin it for you. Please take this into consideration before continuing to read.


We have this project that we're going to be working on sometime soon, and we need to pick a short story to work on, basically just writing about the plot.

There are two stories that I'm considering doing, and I need to choose one:

Transboi by Julie Anne Peters: Okay, part of the reason this is one of them is because I love the story, even if it does lack something I need, which is a falling action, basically it gets to it's climax and then it ends, but it ends with the fact that his cousin Kevin is offering to buy him a new Packer (The main character is FTM, and basically a bunch of rude guys steal his Packer- a packer is baiscally what gives transguys a realistic bulge pre-surgery) - And it's probably not the most acceptable story for a ninth grade class... but still.

the second one

The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde: I love this story too, it's just a really great story. Basically it's about this little sparrow that begins to help out this statue called the happy prince, because he's sad to see all the troubles in his city, and in the end all the good deeds they do ends them. I think there is a bit more of a falling action, even if it is that they die but the heart of the happy prince and the body of the sparrow find each other.

So... Basically, I know that the first one isn't the most appropriate, but I need another opinion, so thanks if you can help!

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