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Re: jens pregnancy/journal - April 10th 2012, 01:38 AM

Good day again to people reading my journal. Today was a typical pregnancy day. I woke up again wanting smoothies, they keep floating in my dream. I don't know if this is a craving or that I'm thinking about smoothies during the day or what. It's crazy. But I wake up wanting one.

Tomorrow Vincent will be the size of an egg plant. I laugh at thinking about my son as a piece of fruit or a vegetable. But I remember the time he was just the size of a snow pea growing inside of me. Now he's bigger kicking up a storm.

I got bored today and made myself a cute little picture because I had an artistic moment. Which reminds me the husband says I should just go and buy a baby book instead of making one. I think the main reason why he says that is, he knows my behavior I'll start it get half way done and stop. That's how I am. So I need to find one that suits my needs. The ones at Meijer seem flimsy and stupid. I wanted ones with more information. I think I was actually looking for a better place to put pictures in. Any suggestions would be helpful. I just wanted one that was a nice in-depth one.

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