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"Major" Decisions - April 10th 2012, 01:54 PM

I am a college freshman, and I need some advice on making a big decision. I am currently a technical theatre major (building sets and whatnot for theatre shows), and I absolutely love it. But I've been thinking about what I want for my future more and more, and tech potentially won't get me there. I've been considering switching my 4 year degree to Environmental Biology which has a greater earning potential and a quickly growing job market. I would have more job security and be able to afford the life I want in the future. The choice seems obvious, but here are the thinks that are keeping me from switching:
1. Scholarships. If I switch, I potentially lose about $14,000 in school-funded aid. I'd be going into more debt by the end of college.
2. If I decide that I made a wrong decision in switching, there is almost no chance that I can get back into the tech theatre program here. It's all or nothing.
3. I'm at a school that specializes in theatre. Not biology. I may have to switch schools later down the road. Is this more effort than it is worth?
4. I love learning and exploring new ideas. Biology gives me that opportunity, and theatre doesn't always do that. Theatre is more of a hobby to me, but if I switch I might not have the opportunity to pursue it in the future.
5. My school does not offer a tech theatre minor, and the tech major offers no time for a minor. I could work in the scene shop (one of my favorite aspects of the major) if I switch majors to Enviro-Bio.

Any advice is appreciated, and thanks for helping in advance!

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