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Re: Exchange? Yes? No? - April 16th 2012, 01:34 AM

Well, think about it this way... Will you be disapointed if you don't go?- This is a big chance, and I know what it feels like to say no to something because you let your "what if?"'s ruin the chance, and it's not fun (luckily for me, the people called me over and were like, we were looking forward to you getting in, sending in your letter, blah blah, and in the end, I'm going on that trip!)

If their really friends, they'll do the "long-distance" friendships, I have a bunch of them, sure, unless you really put the effort into talking on facebook and such, it kind of gets really well, not much of a friendship. But, it's almost just as good if you guys stick to it!

I hope you make the best choice, for you. If it gets hard, maybe you should write a pros and cons list, and then consider why those things are pros or cons.

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