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Re: should i stop sleeping with him? - April 21st 2012, 02:17 PM

Originally Posted by pursuit-of-happiness View Post
I am really into him though and am scared of getting attached without him being my boyfriend. I really want to date him and I really enjoy hooking up with him but I am not sure if that is the right thing to be doing at this time. Should I stop having sex with him and just tell him I don't fully trust him since he's not my boyfriend?
In a way, you may have answered your own question right there. You really like him and want to proceed, but you aren't comfortable proceeding unless you are in a relationship with him.

You say you both like each other and would like to be together, so technically there isn't anything in your way, other than actually talking to each other about taking a step forward.

HOWEVER, that is a personal decision. I know there are cases where technically nothing is in the way, but it still feels uncomfortable to pursue something more with each other. But that's something you have to answer for yourself. What's REALLY stopping you?

I will tell you this, regardless of which path you decide to take: you can never guarantee that you won't get hurt. There is no "safest" route to take, and having a boyfriend will not change your attachment issues. Those you have to fix yourself.

There is only what feels comfortable for both of you. I suggest pursuing whichever that is.

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