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Re: Erm kinda embarrasing but yeah.. (constipation) - April 27th 2012, 05:35 AM

Well you could try eating more :P

Often when people experiencing and ED become constipated it's because there simply isn't enough nutrience going into the system - and when this happens, your body holds on to any potential nutrients it may have, meaning it won't let you poop. If worst comes to worst, your body may start to re-absorb some of what it had initially considered waste.

If you're drinking plenty, that's good, it helps get the system moving. But you have to remember that without adequate fibre and other stuff, your body is going to react. You can get fibre and so forth from leafy greens and the like which are often catabolic. However a piece of wholemeal bread is much more likely to get things moving faster - it has somewhat more immediately absorbable content and also has fibre.

So yeah - you're taking medication for it and doing good other stuff, so maybe try eating a little bit more. May be scary for you, but weigh up the pros and cons - would you rather eat a little bit more, or spend weeks on end constipated?