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Re: Erm kinda embarrasing but yeah.. (constipation) - April 27th 2012, 07:39 AM

Gah, this is all TMI:

I'm not sure what your symptom pattern is like or your history with the eating disorder, but yeah, I've fucked up my digestive system with years of abuse too. I have chronic hemorrhoids and never know when the next BM I'm going to have will be (unless I'm in the rare position of keeping down a binge that involved a lot of greasy food - in which case it will be SOON and crampy.) It sucks. It sucks A LOT. I have sympathy. I will say though, that for those rare periods in my recent life where I've been symptom free for a few weeks, it got a lot better. And when I've been in treatment with other people with the same problem, recovery (after a period of weeks or even months sometimes) did seem to sort any shitty problems out (pardon the pun). Obviously it's not as easy as saying "Hey, I'd like to poo regularly now, I'll recover." but that does seem to be the way that it gets sorted out, and in the meantime fiber and water like you're doing is probably as much as you can do. Continue talking to your doctor about it and maybe they'll have more ideas along the road.