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Re: How to actually pass math class? >> - April 30th 2012, 07:14 AM

The only way to remember mathematical formulae off your head (and how to apply it) is by finding more sample questions to do. It's not easy, but the more you do it, the more you'll understand it.

When you're doing your working out, go down the page. If you get stuck, refer it to the tutorial on how to complete it. If you get the answer wrong, go back and see where you messed up (compare it to the tutorial). If you keep getting something wrong, then you're doing something wrong and often, it's only something little.

It's kinda like my aglebra class in High School (I also sucked at math): I did at least 1,000 questions on the algebraic formula, and then they throw at you another formula that would give you the same answer. I got a particular answer correct on the exam, but I failed to remember the second formula. It asked for us to use the second formula. So I got half marks by using the first. Not great, but that's what I get for doing 1,000 questions on the first formula and forgetting the second because I thought it would be unimportant.

Point is, just keep doing questions. It's pretty much the only way you'll learn. Refer it to the tutorial in the book, or ask a question to your teacher or somewhere where you know you'll find someone who can explain the steps to completing it logically.