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Re: Ankle, Knee, and Hip pain? - April 30th 2012, 09:02 PM

I get exactly the same thing, but it can also be triggered by exposure to cold. You may have good sneakers, but look at your sole, and see if it's worn down.. it needs plenty of cushioning to absorb impact. Secondly, as does the floor on which you're doing exercise.. Calcium is also good for bones and something you may which to increase your intake of.. however, if you're looking at changing your diet a trip to the doctor could be advised in order to make sure the changes aren't too drastic and wont affect your body's functioning. The doctor may also be able to prescribe you some good anti-inflationary, such as naproxen, which are good for osteoarthritis, which your symptoms could indicate you maybe suffering from/ may be prone to suffering from in later life - this is a joint disease which is very painful! As someone else said, you should also look at getting the way your feet touch the floor checked - good running/ sporting retailers get you to run on a treadmill and see how your foot hits the floor and get trainers to suit your foot - when I was in america I even saw that walmart had a machine you could stand on for free, and it there and then told you if you were flat footed and what kind of insoles you should use! x

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