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Re: Double Major? - May 4th 2012, 07:53 AM

In my undergrad, I went a bit bonkers as I did a double major plus a minor. There was some overlap for the courses required for both majors, although I'd say about 70% of the courses didn't overlap despite the material being similar. Since my psychology was focused toward neuroscience and forensic, there was minimal overlap with courses for the minor. One thing that you may get away with for your double-major is any courses in math or statistics, as you need them if you want to pursue any research. The double-major had some overlap in terms of context for research-based courses but the courses themselves didn't overlap, so I ended up doing 4 fourth year research-based courses in total. I didn't do any research-based courses for my minor as it wasn't necessary.

If I were you, I'd talk to the professors in each field of study in psychology to get a better understanding and to know how much the material from your sociology major will overlap. In your first-year psychology course, you'll probably get a taste of many of the fields in psychology without going into immense detail.

Of the areas you listed, I would be most interest in general behaviour science as it may be more geared toward neuroscience research, as well as research in psychology as I prefer clinical research the most. General psychology sounds as though it touches on different areas without focusing on any particular one. Life-span development can be interesting, although I'd warn you that it would be one of the most popular ones.

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