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Re: How old until STD's aren't as common. - May 6th 2012, 07:03 PM

Originally Posted by LeapOfFayth View Post
Your age has nothing to do with getting or not getting an STD. If you're having sex with someone you're not positive is clean then there is always a chance.
If anything statistics might show as people get older it happens in less of the population but that would be due to more people sticking with one partner for a longer period of time and not age.

Also I thought I would add even though you didn't say anything about it. I would look up what the laws are where you live, here if you're 18 its illegal to have sex with anyone more than 2 years younger than you. Just a heads up, nobody likes being charged with statutory rape (which it is even if she consented).
Thanks, I didn't know age wasn't apart of it. That's what they told us in school. Just another scare tactic I guess.

And yes, my state is the same. You can only be 24 months apart (even if you are below 18). I wasn't planning on doing anything, but stuff happens and it's good to be safe when it does.