Thread: Triggering: Am I Becoming Depressed?
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Re: Am I Becoming Depressed? - May 8th 2012, 03:17 AM

I think that it's great that you want to see a doctor and get checked out properly. That shows a lot of maturity right there.
I also think that your fear of being blown off or not being taken seriously is quite valid - a lot of people are not fully aware that children and adolescents can suffer from depression equally as severely as adults.

I would recommend seeing a school counselor or other elder family member that you trust about this first, then getting them to come with you to explain to your Mum - sometimes having another adult on your side can help you to be taken seriously. And being taken seriously is important here, because there's something going on for you that isn't nice.
You could also try writing a letter explaining all of this to your Mum, and if she still refuses to take you seriously, then ask if she can at least take you to your GP to get a professional opinion.
The first time I got depressed I was 12, and then again at 13, it took a few months for people to start taking it seriously (I was suicidal by that time), so I hope people listen to you and are willing to help you with this.

Good luck