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Re: Getting up in the Morning.. sucks - May 10th 2012, 04:25 PM

ok, well some suggestions of mine, is you may have to ease into it. Seeing as your not used to going to sleep at a normal time, it is hard for you to fall asleep... your body just isn't used to it. Sleeping pills may not be nessasary, I think your body just needs to adjust to it. be sure to keep you scedule ALWAYS (yes, weekends) so that it'll be easier to convert to this new style. Also, you can always try monring showers (cold especially) if you don't already do that. as for a side note, you can get over the conter(non perscriptian) pills that help you go to sleep and get a good sleep, called Melatonin. I use it and it helps me sleep, but it may not be right for you. regardless, in the US it is over-the-counter, so it should be ok.yes, definitely talk to your docter, and I hope you get to your scedule. One suggestion though.... don't do energy drinks. for daily ruteins, it is VERY bad for you, and you might build up a depandence. well, I hope all goes well!

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