Thread: Female Advice Preferred: How do I tell her?
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Re: How do I tell her? - May 15th 2012, 07:37 PM

"Hey, I've been really stressed lately, and it's been difficult for me to complete my school work. I haven't been able to concentrate at all over the past two days - I was hoping you could give me some support or advice on how to cope, focus, and catch up." Or something along those lines. Honestly, I wouldn't beat around the bush. I would just tell her what you told us, and I would tell her as soon as possible (so the problem doesn't get worse/you fall even further behind). Everyone has a rough day/week, and it seems like your teacher is very understanding of your situation. Communicate with her, and see if you can come up with a plan of some sort (ex. doing a little bit of extra work each day in order to catch up, meeting with her after school to catch up). If you want to take a day off, I would explain to her what you would use that day for, and how it would help you re-focus the following day. In my experience, there's a difference between taking a day off to sort through a stressful situation, and taking a day off to avoid the problem that has been created. Make sure you're taking a day off for the right reasons!