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Re: Summer Classes!! - May 16th 2012, 03:19 AM

I did a few summer courses each semester in my undergrad, mostly sociology/criminology and a few psychology courses. I enjoyed the fast pace and classes were often on each day, so there wasn't much time to slack off. The main reason why I liked it was everything constantly stayed fresh in my head and the instructors usually gave a quick summary of the previous lecture and readings. I only had a few evening classes but nothing that went too late in the night. I found it helpful to take difficult classes during the summer because there were fewer students, which gave more time for instructors to help out each student.

A potential problem you may run into is the summer instructors may not be the regular semester instructors and may not have as much experience. This was the case for a few of my courses, where the instructor was also carrying out research but he still made time for everyone.

In my last year I took fewer courses but they were all research-based. The difficulty for most was what I expected, although one was much harder than anticipated and I may have gotten a better mark had I taken it during the summer, where I could focus entirely on just one course. I agree with Katie, taking easy courses in your last year can certainly improve your marks, however, try not to take first or second year courses if you want to continue studying for a Masters degree, law school, etc... . I intentionally took 3 fourth-year research-based courses, two of which were in the same semester.

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