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Re: Law Enforcement - May 28th 2012, 01:56 AM

Originally Posted by Toz View Post
I'm looking to be a US Federal Marshall. I need a 4 year degree and some years of experience under my belt. I was thinking to start as a detective in a local police agency. Would that be viable?

Most federal agencies don't higher until you are around 23 (which gives you about 2-3 years to gain experience from a department). So yes, once you graduate with a degree, get a department to higher you and sponsor you to attend the police academy. Once graduating the academy, you will be working at that department for 2-3 years (which is a decent amount of experience). Please note, before signing any contracts, look for how long they require you to work for that department. Most departments require you to work for that specific department for a certain of number of years in return for them sponsoring you in the academy (this was established when people joined departments, got sponsored, graduated the academy, and then left the department; which was a financial loss for the departments). Most departments have a requirement of 2-5 years in return for the sponsorship, so make sure you check.

Furthermore, make sure for those 2-3 years you work at that department that you do a great job. Federal departments will defiantly get in touch with your Chief and ask questions (without a doubt); so do your job to the best of your ability.

Now, on to the detective part: in most departments, you will have to be highered as a patrol officer first. Detectives are selected after a position within the department opens, and the officers that apply have additional training, and then are selected based on their ability to full that role. So the chance of you being a detective within 2-3 years are slim. Most detectives have been officers for that department for atleast 5-10 years before being selected for that role.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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