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Complicated job situation, need advice - June 13th 2012, 07:44 PM

This summer I started my first job ever. It's a sales job and it takes place out on the street. The first few days I loved it, and everything was wonderful; I work with the most awesome people imaginable, everyone's really laid back, and it's something really worth doing in my eyes.

But then I began to not love it so much.

What gets me is the quota. It IS a sales job and therefore there is a quota to keep your job. In the first three days I had to meet quota (let's say it's 140 bucks) to become a member of staff. I made it, of course, so that was fine. But then the days can be hit or miss. Perhaps one day I would make 300 dollars, but then I might make 10 the next day, and only 75 the day after that. That's fine as long as I my daily average amounts to 140 dollars at the end of the week. With me so far?

If at the end of a week I do not average 140 dollars a day, I am put on probation. The following week I would have to make quota for the week or else I would get fired.

This began to take a real toll on me. Some days I made quota, and it was great, but then I would have days where I didn't, and they would start to add up. And I would start to get stressed. It got to where if I wasn't getting any takers around one-thirty I would start to panic. I would start to tear up. One day I finally had a full blown anxiety attack and had to go home.

And I was doing everything I could. Seriously, I could not name ONE thing I could do any better. I pride myself on my work a lot and put 100% into it, always. But slowly the struggle to meet quota, the heat (I live in Texas, and where I am it can get up to about 115 degrees F in the summer) and everything else was getting to me.

In the end I got really sick. Last week I missed the entire work week. I thought I would be fine to go back to work this week, but in the heat the other day I started to get so dizzy I knew I would pass out if I didn't sit down. I ended up getting one of my "stress colds," which I have right now.

So I began looking for other jobs, because I am not going to last the summer. I am going to quit at some point. I feel bad because I don't want it to look like I keep taking off work right when I am on probation, because that's not it. But I am looking for other jobs.

Today I got an interview somewhere else. It would be working in food and beverage if I were to get the job. I am pretty certain I will get it, but even if I don't, I am actively looking.

The thing is, people say the best time to look for a job is while you have one. I know this is true, and that's why I am technically still working, even though I just keep getting sick from a bug or the heat or I don't even know. It causes massive anxiety to work where I am working.

I'm just wondering what to do. I know you shouldn't necessarily take the first job you are given. And I know that you should try and keep working while you are looking. But I don't even know what to do. I am so tempted to quit now because that heat kills me. I can't stand out in it for forty hours a week. But at the same time, I stay at my best when I am really busy. And even if it's fast food, an indoor job where people already want service seems like a better opportunity. I would be very tempted to immediately take it.

Any advice?

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