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Interview Tomorrow - June 17th 2012, 03:12 PM

I've got an interview tomorrow. I'm not confident in interviews and I'm especially not feeling confident about this one as I'm worried they will ask about time off at my previous job. This was asked in the application form but I left it blank.

I've taken a lot of time off sick and don't know if I should be honest or slightly lie. I don't have a record but I probably could work it out so it's not far out the truth. This year alone I had taken 3 seperate weeks off, so that's already 15 days over 3 periods, then I took 2 weeks off as one period. And I think there was the odd day here and there but not too many. Last year there were I think a day or 2 off every 3 to 4 weeks. But I don't think I took off any whole weeks.

My sickness last year was mostly for migraines and this year has been for low mood/depression.

That's obviously a lot of time off and this is going to go against me.

If they ask about sick days/periods which I think is likely, what do I say?!