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Has anyone here failed their GCSEs? - June 19th 2012, 08:50 AM

Hi, so I have got one last exam tomorrow then I'm done

But I'm worrying majorly about failing them because I know I have done bad (been going into exams really hungover, not revising etc.) I know it was stupid but it's really getting to me (it's just adding to my pile of problems)

I was just wondering how to prepare myself because I know my parents are going to seriously murder me when I fail -trust me they kicked my bro's ass when he got A's and not A*s and I'm struggling to even get C's.
And I need at least 7 A*s to C's to get into sixth form (I only applied to one) again I know it was stupid but I know is never going to happen. (and I need an A in maths and I'm pretty sure I only got a B in that -probably my only good grade-)

Anyway, I was wondering if you guys could reassure me and tell me that failing them isn't the end of the world and how you've succeeded in life with with shit results