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Re: Job application questions - June 24th 2012, 05:28 PM

The problem is that it depends on the situation.... Like for example, if I was doing a group project and I said we should do X and someone disagreed, I'd obviously argue my case. If it really wasn't something that was a big deal, then I'd let it go and probably compromise, but I'm also not about to be a push over and put on an application that OF COURSE I ALWAYS back down to someone else. I don't think it shows that you are a team player or what ever by telling a boss that you back down to people just cause they don't agree with your idea. But at the same time you don't want to tell them something that will make you look stubborn and uncooperative. So I can definitely understand your problem here...

You could always use an example, like say, you were planning a trip trip to the cabin with some friends and you said that you didn't want anyone drinking there yadayadayada, and GI Joe likes his disgusting cheap beer, Bud, Bud Light, Canadian, Corona, take your pick, they're all nasty, and was convinced he should be allowed to bring it any how. Obviously this is a situation where you would say no, and it would be all happy happy.... But then again, you might want to change it to GI Joe wanting to bring peanuts and having to say no since Captain America is allergic to peanuts haha cause yeah mentioning alcohol on a job application, probs not wise haha

I think the best thing to think of would defs be something where you can show you are willing to cooperate with others, but that you will stick to your decisions unless someone else comes up with an idea you enjoy better (which you can explain on the "what did you learn" part). Bull shit if you have to, you can embellish an insignificant situation if you have to. Don't lie, just beef up the story. It's super hard to think of monumental ideas sometimes lol so don't feel like you need to come up with the "well, my buddies and I had to come up with an elaborate plan to build a fort high up in trees and we even built weapons and this was all in order to evade a zombie invasion" kinda tale.