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Unhappy Am I the only one??? - July 21st 2012, 06:00 AM

Horrible summer. Watching literally everyone around me being so happy and having fun with all their friends and boyfriends/girlfriends and I'm the only lonely freak without any friends at all It's so suffocating to see so many happy people and knowing I'm so far from that...I can't even do something as simple as TALK to people because of my shyness/social anxiety problems. Feels like they're just shoving their f*cking happiness in my face all the time just to torture me with it and it's making me just want to give up. what's the point? I feel so disconnected from people and lonely all the time...none of those happy people even notice I exist. Even when I've tried to talk to people, it's been a huge failure. I completely fail at life. I'm 21 years old now and have never even had a boyfriend It's so embarrasing and depressing...and I also found a few days ago that I can't even take anti-anxiety or depression pills for all this because of another health condition! That was the one thing that could've helped me and now I don't even have that anymore I don't know what I can even do anymore...I really think just killing myself would be like a heavenly relief, rather than having to suffer through this pain every second of every day I don't see any point in trying anymore honestly if I'm always gonna be like this. I don't even have any friends on here cause they all have their own friends and groups just like in real life