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Being Played? - July 25th 2012, 03:01 AM

So... if you've read anything else i've posted in this thread recently you know that I have been talking to a new guy and he seems into me but I'm not really sure..he set up a date to hang out" and then cancled last minute for something with his buddy.

The response I got from you guys on that was pretty much unanimous, see if he tries again. So I headed your advise and sure enough the boy made an effor to set something up the next morning..I unfortunatly couldn't make it (working for my dad) So I said something that night to him about how we should make a plan because ours kept falling apart...and he asked if all i wanted was a hook up (WHICH I DO NOT) and i explained that I legitamatly want to just hang out....he asked if I wanted to chill Sunday afternoon and I agreed. Sunday afternoon turned into Sunday evening and he told me he was stuck at work and would come pick me up sometime after 6...6 turned to 7 and 7 to 8 so I gave up. Then he texted me late Monday night and apologized for ditching me he didn't get off work until very late..and asked if I wanted to hang out tuesday morning again..and again I was busy. I texted him and told him I was free Thursday through sunday and he should pick a time that worked for him and we would make a plan and stick to it...he agreed and told me he would let me know. ...........It seems pretty back and forth but I'm not sure weather he really wants to make something work and it just hasn't or if he's just bailing on me because he doesn't want to tell me he would rather not hang I just being strung along??

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