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Re: Being Played? - July 25th 2012, 04:18 AM

If you just met a guy, you probably don't want to hang out. Hanging out is basically code for sex even if you claim that's really what you want. If I was a guy and a woman said she only wanted to hang out, I'd think....well of course she'd say that! She's a woman. Admitting that she only wants to have sex is not a womanly thing to do and that's why she's not telling the truth. Honestly, I think there's just a lack of communication.

You may want to hang out, but it's not about what you want -- it's about what you BOTH want.

There could be multiple reasons why he's been putting it off, but it seems that he doesn't take the potential relationship as seriously as you do. If you and him don't see eye to eye, then it's already a red flag. If you see potential in someone, you'll make plans. Always. If you don't have time, you make time. If he can't bring himself to make time or keeps ditching you, then he's not that committed. Maybe he has trust issues, maybe he just wants to fuck, etc etc. You gotta set your foot down by getting his input...what he wants out of the relationship, and he needs to set a date soon. Otherwise, move on.