Thread: Triggering (Suicide): Sad..I can't help but to want to just end it..
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Re: Sad..I can't help but to want to just end it.. - July 26th 2012, 02:20 AM

Yes, you are enough. You are beyond enough. You are beautiful and strong and you can make it through this.

I have a bf, but we're long-distance. I know what it feels like for him to hold me in his arms, but we never see each other. It haunts me at night too. I know how it feels. You feel alone, helpless, afraid that things will never change.

But they will! Keep yourself positive and strong and you'll make it! I know you can. YOU know you can.

Don't self-medicate. That makes things worse. Instead, write in a journal. Write down all your feelings, whatever they might be. All your thoughts and emotions, and I promise you will find more comfort in that than in drinking.

So dance if it moves you,
and jump in the fire, if it burns you.
I'll throw my arms around you darlin',
and we'll turn to ashes.

Kinda like the way you tell me,
"Baby, please come home. I need you here right now.
I'm crying underwater so you don't hear the sound."

What if I can't forget you?
I'll burn your name into my throat.
I'll be the fire that'll catch you.
What's so good about picking up the pieces?