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Unhappy Help Please? - July 27th 2012, 05:04 AM

So, My boyfriend and I have had our share of problems. Every relationship does. We have made it a long way. When we first started dating two years ago, we had sex quite a bit. Passionate. Ya know? With tons of foreplay and such. And as time goes by, we don't really have much sex at all. He says he is very attracted to me. It is just all the bs between us makes him feel as though it is a chore. I don't want him to feel like that. I have tried talking to him, he just makes me feel like it is all my fault, even if it is not. I try to have sex with him, but it feels weird. Like I have to force him. And we don't kiss passionately. We have to practically make a date and go in the room and have sex and then we go play video games. That is not how it was when we first got together. He does not touch me like he used to, no foreplay, and I feel like I have to force him to want to. He enjoys it still, but now it is like he wants me to do all the work. And that is not very romantic. EVERY SINGLE FREAKING TIME! It gets old. And then, if I try to turn him on, he is always tired or not in the mood or needs to shower(then he showers and is tired.) So now, I am afraid to even try. The last time we tried, he got mad because I was "dry" which I was not, I had the damn ac blowing on me. It's not like the niagara falls down there. So then he tries to say that that means that I am not turned on or wanting to have sex with him. For one, we jumped in bed and started trying to have sex, after arguing over who was going to do the work. I was not "technically" turned on priar, but was getting there. Ya know? So then we took a break and talked about that with me reassuring him the I very much do want to have sex with him, then I went and turned the ac off. And then he was not in the mood and wanted to nap. It's not like I can spice it up, because he is not in to all that sort of stuff...... It is very frustrating.

Also, now I am pregnant (his of course) and now I just feel even worse because I want his attention even more. And with all my emotions and hormones raging, everything seems ten times worse. But this was going on before I got pregnant. Ugh..... Please help, I don't know what to do?!

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