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Re: Help Please? - July 27th 2012, 06:22 AM

We both have done our part wrong, and moved on. Just recently I found he has been going behind my back lying to me and that he has been lying to me since right after we first got together. I tried to talk to him about everything. He said it happened, it won't again, and that we can either break up or move past it...... So we decided to move past it, Not the first time he lied to me..... I feel as though if anyone should not want to have sex, it should be me. But I look at him, and I see good. I don't see all the bad. I don't know hard to explain I guess. I have not mentioned anything about it. Plus I am moving an hour away from my family, job, friends, doctor, and the hospital for him! His job is there, and it is way better than mine. I will be giving up my job for him. Not entirely, but partly. Plus, I am growing his baby. Isn't that attractive? I think I am attractive... Well I did. Now I just feel like I am ugly because he doesn't do the things he used to. He just laughs it off. It is impossible to have a serious convo with him. And then he usually ends up mad at me. Because I am "bitching about nonsense", "nagging", or "bringing up events in the past". I feel like I never can win....