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Question What do I do, please help:/ - July 27th 2012, 11:46 AM

Well, I'm new to the website, hey, but that's not why I'm here, I'm here for advice, I'll tell you a story, I'm 14 years old lad, edging 15, and me and my girlfriend, have had a very open, long, and happy relationship, however my relationship before her, was very good, and me and my ex have remained friends, I'd even go as far as saying bestfriends, and I can't help but still have feelings for her, and I know she feels the same, we both know we shouldn't, but because we've been so close and shared sexual activities its kept us very close, I love my girlfriend, you may say I'm only 14 but its true I love her! but I can't help missing my ex, when I'm not with either, and miss what we had, what should I do?:/

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