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Question We like each other but are both shy? - July 27th 2012, 11:51 AM

So, there's a boy who moved to my school at the start of the year. We didn't really talk that much at first but eventually when we did start talking we started to become friends.

About a month ago one of my friends told me that this guy liked me. I didn't believe her at first but then all our friends started telling me how much this guy talked about me and liked me except that he's too shy to tell me. We've still been hanging out a lot but he's really awkward around me now. I've been thinking about trying to talk to him about it but my lack of experience and abuse (by male members of my family, not in relationships) makes me a bit worried and scared.

Do you think I should just toughen up and talk to him? And if so what would be the best way of going about it? Or should I just wait and hope he says something?

Sorry if this was a bit whingy but I could really do with some advice.