Thread: Triggering (Suicide): Sad..I can't help but to want to just end it..
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Re: Sad..I can't help but to want to just end it.. - July 27th 2012, 04:27 PM

Oh dear,
I'm sorry you're going through a tough time, but it passes and the sun will shine again. You've got to pick yourself back up, you can't let this knock you down permenantly cause the fact in life is that you'll have lots of partners and lots of heart aches but you can handle this.

Every woman has a special strength inside of them. Find your strength, and take control. You'll be happy again. You've just got to believe there's more out there for you because I know there is.

At the moment you're making yourself as miserable as can be. You've gotta be as strong as can be. It's a step by step process.

Look up inspirational quotes, moving on quotes. They've always helped me and I know they can help you. They can help anybody.
You can do this. You really can and don't lie to yourself. You've come this far, you've learned so much. Don't throw it all away.

Some things are beautiful because they are un-obtainable <3

'A dream is what you desire if anything and everything is possible.'