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Biology Project - August 19th 2012, 03:34 PM

I am in my first upper level bio class and I have to do a project on a vertebrate animal. For the first step we have to find a 5 page article on one, and it has to be fun. He said is also grading for uniqueness. Finding the article is not too bad, but I want to keep in mind whatever I pick, I have to use for the rest of the semester for a massive project that is a huge percent of my grade. He said he wants all kinds of information about the animal such as it's behavior, evolution, how endagered it is(must be endagered or extinct), etc. We are presenting them throughout the course and in order. For example boney fish go first, then amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammels will be at the end of the semester during finals week. I have two ideas, but any input would be much loved!

My first idea is the Axolotl, which is a pink salamander. I found some interesting information on them, but if I pick this one, chances are I will be first to present unless someone decides to do a fish.... also the information I found, although unique, interesting, and even cool, is a somewhat limited. Possibly I could work around it.

The second idea is the Dire wolf. I'm not sure how creative this would be. I can find a crazy amount of information and can do all kinds of things with this animal, but again... the problem here is I don't know how unique this animal is and I would have to present during finals. This doesn't mean I can't get the presentation and everything together way in advanced, but I would still have to present it during finals...

Any opinions?

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