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Writing my own book - September 10th 2012, 01:44 PM

Well the title may be slightly misleading, I am still writing this book, but I started when I was 13. It's a compilation of my poetry, songs and drawings about my story. All my secrets, everything I've been through, my feelings, etc... And the high school I started out at and planned to finish at, requires a senior project for all seniors, so I planned for my senior project to be getting this book published, sort of like what my friend did except she wrote the whole book and started getting it published for her senior project and it was a fiction. But since then, I've changed schools yet continued to keep this compilation of art, I continue to add to the book. And I do want to publish it my senior year, which still gives me a year or so. But now I'm starting to second guess it because it does have all my secrets, my struggles, my life story essentially, and there are things that I wouldn't dare tell family members that are in that book. Things that I've only ever said on here and to perhaps 3 other people. I want to share this book and share my art, but I'm also scared because some of the things in this book could hurt and tear my family apart. The poems about the abuse my aunt has put me through, the ones about the abuse from my grandmother, the one about feeling abandoned and hurt from my father.

I mean, I do want to get this out there, but at the same time, if my family reads this, it could very well tears it apart in a couple ways, and it'd be the truth that's doing so. I just don't know. What do you think I should do?

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