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Re: What should I do about my "friend"? - March 27th 2009, 12:05 AM

Hahahahahaha, my clique has that girl, too!

It's really irritating. But in my group, the girl lies and is rude constantly; she literally stalks her ex boyfriend (his parents have 2 restraining orders against her and her family, etc.)

My advice is to just honestly shake it off. Tune her out. If you let it get to you, its like letting her win, and i doubt you want that! I think you should just turn away and talk to another friend if she's being bitchy. It's a teenage girl thing, she's the classic drama queen. Don't let it bring you down, because thats exactly what she's trying to do. She's either jealous of you and your other friends, or thinks she's better than everyone else, neither of which are likable traits.

If you need anything, just let me know. I'm an expert on handling the drama. Its an art, and i'd love to teach ya. (:

Good luck!


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