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Re: Before you make that first cut.. PLEASE READ. - March 27th 2009, 12:44 AM

wooooooooooooow you realy should of thought aboput what you was saying befiore you posted this. alright this is a form for people who are struggling to get ahold of this addiction and if you gona shit here in criticis them for doing the one thing they know to cope then you are just as stupid as your caslling them. next time you wana post a thread that makes a person feel worse for doing domething then do it on another form. you know probly just made a few people spill blood over that thread tonight. honestly you new to keep opions lik that to your self or on another thread not hear THIS FORMIS FOR HELP!!!!!!!! NOT DEGRATING PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

hav u ever wanted 2 die or cry or scream up the sky n ask god y y me y now y u feel so numb inside y ur sinkin deeper ever wanted sum1 2 care hug u with u noin thier there needed sum1 2 tell u a lie so u can belive its true jus 4 a min or show u the beauty in the sky hav u ever ben the 1 2 try