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Re: Wow. :/ - October 1st 2012, 12:10 AM

I'm glad he's getting help for this! It's great that he opened up to you, but he really needs to see someone who can help him "contain" all these feelings. You handled the situation very well, and I commend you for thinking about what you could do for him afterward. The recommendation I would have given would be to call your university's psych services, explain the situation, and request that they arrange a meeting with him. At my previous university, students who blatantly displayed signs of being emotionally distressed, to the point of possibly being suicidal, were required to see a psychologist at the university a certain number of times each quarter. This was for their well-being, as well as for their peers' safety (and I'm sure the university didn't want to be held responsible if anything happened, too).

Yes, being on the other end of things (as a psychological professional) can be downright terrifying at times. In a situation like this one, the professional would have to do what they could during the 50 minute session. If the client was still agitated at the end, the professional would have to take additional measures, such as extending the session and cancelling other appointments, asking the client if they would be willing to have someone come over to pick them up/watch over them, and worst-case scenario, 9-1-1/emergency psychiatric services might need to be called, in order to ensure the client did not hurt themselves after the session. Crisis management is something we learn about in school, but even then, situations like this one can be emotionally exhausting.