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Unhappy Starting to slip again. - October 5th 2012, 04:25 PM

I've been in sixth form for a month, and I can honestly say I haven't enjoyed a single day of it. Within the first few weeks I was set on changing sixth forms to somewhere closer to home because I was getting stress induced IBS/sickness every morning. Then things got a little better because I moved form groups, and switched 3 of my lessons.

Now I'm back to square one. I don't like my new lessons either, but this time because I don't feel like I can do what is asked of me. Nothing I do seems good enough. I feel totally useless.

I'm terrified it's going to make me depressed again, I'd give anything to avoid going back there. I don't feel like there's anyone there that can help, and to be honest, I feel like no one wants to know. I haven't really made any friends, and I gave up on that a few weeks back, everyone seemed like thay were talking to me because they felt sorry for me, or the person they really want to hang round with wasn't there. And because of that I haven't been having dinner. I find it impossible to eat when I'm around people I'm not comfortable with, and there's no secluded places I can go. Then I can't concentrate because I don't have the energy, which doesn't help considering I'm not doing well anyway.

I seriously don't know what to do. I had my hopes pinned on sixth form being a new start, and that I'd be a normal, happy teenager. That isn't happening right now, and I'm starting to regret my choices. It would break me if I messed up my A levels, and right now the only solution I can think of is to drop out... or dead.

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