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Re: Is it worth fighting still? - October 7th 2012, 07:11 AM

Let me tell you of a legend. A legend written on a scroll found in my great grandfather's attic, with the author being his great grand father. The name of the legend was called Li Chien Lao.

There was a man, one whom age is with such burden. He was the protector of his city, the man whom reinforced the walls of his city. Day by day, the walls were built, only to be demolished. Li Chien Lao seemed hopeless. His allies had fallen and there were by no means to diminish the attacks. Years later, an allied commander he had thought dead arrives. A day of peace was found. The men must separate in interest of their nation, however, they have an equal goal. Years of distress seemed hopelessly pitiful. Li Chien Lao however, remembered the day of peace brought upon by his fellow commander. This was a collection to his resolve. He later consulted with his people. He has great sympathy for these people, a interest in their future. He knows that the walls must be secure so long as they live. After a decade, Li Chien Lao's resolve weakens. However, his scouts find a traveling woman, and offer her hospitality. The two talk, though impersonal at first, he later learns that she alongside himself were the few talented in sculpting. These two heroes fortified the city walls after a decade, Li Chien Lao's city held strong. Li Chien Lao has asked her where she will travel next with such unique abilities, and was surprised (or in modern translation) blessed that she intends to fortify the walls. Li Chien Lao has fell in love, and his city has grown to be a castle. Eventually, the castle has expanded to his acquainted commander, and many other allies. Li Chien Lao has ruled the lands, and his impressive military daunted the invaders. The castle today stands mighty, its king's legacy remembered.
Perhaps stupid stories like these, the ones that make you chuckle are to be read and thus a goal in life. However, my great-grandfather has told me that this legendary hero is to be remembered, for he has endured the scorn of loneliness and seemingly found hope from his little but unrelenting resolves.

What lies ahead is unknown. However, in some times, I've sighted several smooth pavements. I myself am the mender of roads, and it is with these we work on.

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