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A bit nervous - October 13th 2012, 11:25 AM

Hello, wow. My first ever post...Scary

I'm Gemma, aged 19 and I have Autism. I wasn't sure what section to post this in but right now I am feeling a little depressed, so thought I'd come and post in this section. The past few weeks have been really hard for me and I'm not going to go into detail why because my college fully know what is going on and I am getting lots of support from them, but come the weekend I have two days were I have no support because of course college isn't open, so in away this is hopefully if I can make some new friends going to become my support spot if that is okay?!

I am being so tearful and crying so much, and yes this is to do with my autism but I do have good/bad days, I have changed so much as I got older and have learnt to deal with my own behaviour much better such as not getting so angry or upset but because of issues of the last few weeks it has really set me back to the point of being like I was 2-3 years ago and it hurts so much because I was doing so well, I am trying to look on the positive side and see that I can get through this but I just feel so alone, I have support from my parents, and college but I don't have friends who I can really open up to and would love to make friends on here if anyone would like that...

Sometimes I find it really hard to communicate its to do with my autism, I have seen lots of doctors and counsellors (have a mentor at my college that I see and that does help) but the ones I have seen in the past I just don't get on with, I love having the routine and secure feeling of being able to run to someone in college if I feel I need to but like I said, these two days are pretty hard so I'd love to speak to someone as well at the weekend.

Hopefully I will stop crying soon and begin to feel better when I make new friends, and that I know I can talk to them about anything. Just feel lonely and all my friends seem to be busy and when I talk to them it just causes issues because I spend a lot of time with them being at college etc and with the work load its so stressful so its sometimes easier to talk to someone outside the goldfish bowl.

I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense but I find it so hard to talk/type sometimes when I feel like this and not everything comes across so it can be hard to be supported but basically I'd just love some new friends to help me smile again...


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