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need help. - October 29th 2012, 10:48 PM

i feel so stupid im seventeen with a normal kind of life yet im struggling so much. i cry all the time, struggle to sleep and over think everything. im causing so many problems. i should be happy im in a really good relationship and have been for a year. weve had our major problems but weve fixed them. yeah i have family problems and my friends are all usless and dont care but people are so much worse off then me it makes no sense? i cant ever be on my own and the only time im happy is when im with my boyfriend. i red up on depression and i seem to fit in a treat but i cant talk to anyone cos they will think im being stupid like who at the age of seventeen is depressed? even the doctor i saw today just to express my worry that i wasnt right just shrugged it off, what do i do? so stuck.