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Re: need help. - October 29th 2012, 11:07 PM

You have no reason to feel stupid. Just because you're seventeen doesn't mean you can't have depression or another mental health problem. I know I started struggling when I was around 12 and I see many people your age and younger who feel depressed. You're not too young to feel sad, no one is. And I am more than sorry that you're having to go through this and that you feel the way you do right now. You definitely don't deserve to feel this way at all. I hope you know that. I'm not going to tell you to stop crying. I think crying can be quite a good release of emotion for a lot of people. I know it can be exhausting but sometimes it gets it all out of us a bit, you know? Can make us feel slightly better. Or even, when I get really upset and cry, it makes me really tired and I often fall to sleep afterwards and when I wake up, everything seems a little brighter and better.

It can be really hard to get to sleep when we have a lot running through our minds. Have you tried doing certain things to try and help you get some sleep? Things like avoiding caffeine in the evening and at night, sleeping in a good temperature and where it's not too light, having your walls a relaxing colour etc. Even things like not going on your laptop late at night because the light from the screen can act as an artificial light making our brains thinking its daytime and therefore it's not time to go to sleep. Try having a bath before bed and having a hot milky drink. You can also try herbal things like lemon balm. And it might be good to not do any work late at night to avoid stress and not to listen to lyrics with deep meanings to you or reading complicated books late. It's been said to remove mobiles from your room over night too.

Why do you think you're causing so many problems? You should be happy, but don't gun hung up over that statement. Just focus on feeling better and reaching happiness because you can get there. You definitely deserve it.

I'm really glad that you're in a good long term relationship. I know that can really help people and I think it's really wonderful that being with him makes you happy. That's definitely something to keep in living for. All relationships have a problems here and there and it's great you've got through them together. You say you have family problems too, but you haven't gone into any detail about this. I don't know what they are but if you want to talk to us about them here, know that you're more than welcome to. We're happy to listen and we'll try to help you as best as we can. Why do you feel like your friends don't care about you?

Maybe some people's stories sound worse than yours. But it could always be worse, you know? This is happening for you. And that's just as big as what's happening to others because its affecting you in a negative way. Just because some people might have it worse doesn't mean your not entitled to feel low and sad about what's happening to you. It still affects you and that's normal and that is okay too.

Like I said at the beginning, just because you're seventeen doesn't mean nothing is wrong. It might be that you're just going through al ow stage or it might be that you do have a mental illness such as depression. We can't tell you because we're not medically trained. I know you saw a doctor and I'm sorry you feel like they just shrugged it off. I think it might be worth getting another appointment with another doctor. Just because that one didn't seem to understand doesn't mean you give up trying to get help. People can help you. Don't let the one bad experience set you back. If you're in school you could talk to a teacher or a school nurse/counsellor too. You're not alone.

You can do this. You're worth so much and I hope you soon start to get support and that you begin to feel better. You deserve happiness. Don't stop fighting until you get there.

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