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Re: I just want to give up - November 1st 2012, 11:26 AM

Hey there gorgeous girl, I like a saying I created: Just because you're problems aren't the worst, doesn't mean you aren't struggling. It was true of my situation. Unfortunately, I attempted suicide on the 17th of October and it isn't worth it. Suicide, no matter what reason, just isn't the right way. If I had listened to H and my other friends, everything would have worked out completely different. Now, I'm petrified to enter my room, I have panic attacks just from breathing in the stale air in my room. But, nothing is worth suicide.
If I made a list, it would be meaningless drivel and I'd ask myself, why, why did I do it? I did it for all the wrong reasons because there is no right reason. Stay strong beautiful, it'll work out!


P.S I apolgise for the lateness of this post but I recently came back.

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