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What's it like - November 11th 2012, 07:12 PM

actually enjoying life, and having goals that matter to you.

Having friends and family who you care about

Having interests that take your mind away from the negative thoughts

What's it like not being unhappy with the events in life, because they could have been better

What's it like not having to keep your mind and mouth in check, because everyone around you is easily offended.

What's it like being able to be offended? For me it is impossible to be, for I devalue myself more than anyone else ever could.

What's it like not dreading the next day, for it is going to be the same as last time. Even if it isn't, the events that will occur will be nothing more special than last time.

What's it like believing changing yourself will make you happier, and being able to actually feel happy because of this false image in your mind?

What's it like being able to smell, feel, and make bonds with life and its inhabitants? For my senses are so dulled, I lack anything to feel the way most people can.

What's it like being wanted, and wanting back? For I have neither.

Why do you stand for life? Why do you submit to the flesh, when death is bred in your bones?