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Formula 1 thread - March 29th 2009, 11:25 AM

I thought I would make this thread for anyone who wants to discuss the new Formula 1 racing season that started in Australia.

The first race was early this morning but is not shown on TV until 1pm today (in the UK).
I already know who won because of the news and I have recorded the race and I'm watching it now.

So if anyone wants to discuss the qualifying race, the new rule changes, new teams, new cars, who you want to win etc then feel free.
If you want to talk about todays race please use the spoiler tag as some people haven't seen the race yet due to time zones etc.

To use the spoiler tag type this with out the spaces
 [ spoiler] type your text here [/ spoiler]
and it will show up like this
type your text here

I am not sure what reception this thread will get and how many formula 1 fans there are on the site but I am a huge formula 1 fan so I hope there are some on TH.